• PROVIDE safety assistance for students and staff
  • ASSURE that family is informed of student’s location and well-being
  • ACCESS one-touch emergency alerting
  • AUTOMATICALLY record video and pictures during emergencies and uploads to cloud to inform police and family
  • PROVIDE optional health information to assist paramedics

TWO WAY COMMUNICATION is immediately established between the student, school authorities, parents and First Responders in the event of trouble, sickness, injury or imminent danger to assure immediate response and recovery. Autumn AlertTM helps parents, students, educators, and community members take swift and effective action to keep students and staff safe in and away from school.

ASSURING THAT STUDENTS ADHERE TO THEIR SCHEDULES is accomplished using the Autumn Alert SchedulerTM to send reminders regarding daily activities, providing peace of mind that students are safely at the correct locations, whether in or outside of school property. This provides educators, students, and family members with real-time awareness and information regarding student location, monitoring, and scheduling assistance.

COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY WITH STUDENTS using the Autumn AlertTM VISability™ platform to send notes to students and to automatically keep students informed of their parent’s location if they are traveling for work or running errands.

SCHOOLS CAN USE OPTIONAL SENSORS on school buses or staff member cars if used for class trips, attending sporting events or any other reasons for transporting students and faculty. This enables parents and administrators to validate travel routes and vehicle locations. In the event a sensor is disabled or non-functional for any reason, such as broken-down vehicle or accident, Autumn AlertTM provides alerts with last known location information to authorities. Deviations from planned routes can also be reported in real time.


Protect Students & Staff

KEEPING CHILDREN AND SCHOOL STAFF SAFE is an ever-increasing challenge that plagues all grades within public and private institutions. While our nation’s schools are expected to be, and usually are safe havens for learning, violence and accidents on many different levels can still occur, disrupting the educational process and negatively affecting the students/staff, school and surrounding community.

AWARENESS OF YOUR STUDENT’S OR STAFF MEMBER’S LOCATION is critical given the constant juggling of schedules between classes, school activities, athletics, school trips and special projects. This hectic activity can result in missed bus schedules and students finding alternate means of travel, leaving faculty and parents unsure as to the exact location of their children and staff at any given time.

AUTUMN ALERTTM IS THE RAPID SAFETY CONNECTION between students and those responsible for their safety. In the event of trouble, sickness or injury, with the simple tap of the Autumn AlertTM HELP button, parents and authorities are instantly alerted with the name and location of the student or staff member requesting assistance.