• CUSTOMIZED surveys identify potential high-risk areas associated with home, school, work, and recreation
  • AVOID potentially harmful situations
  • LEARN how risk can originate from lifestyle, associations, random events, health, and chemical dependencies
  • IDENTIFY expert skills that can assist in risk reduction

Reducing Risk

REDUCE THE POTENTIAL FOR RISK. Risk assessments provide family members and organization decision-makers with information necessary to understand influencing factors that can negatively affect individual safety, operations, and outcomes. Assessment results help make informed judgments concerning the extent of actions needed to reduce risk by identifying threats that could harm and adversely affect people, critical operations, and assets. Threats include intruders, criminals, terrorists, natural disasters, disgruntled employees, family members, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Autumn AlertTM Risk Assessments™ can help estimate the likelihood that such threats will materialize based on historical and analytical information.

EVALUATING RISK Our experts provide a variety of testing services that are delivered through our website or customized mobile app. We work with your organization to develop meaningful testing services that result in rapid and widespread distribution and assessment of results. Our risk assessment programs are applicable to various targeted issues such as healthcare (e.g. Alzheimer’s and traumatic brain injury), living and working conditions and high stressed jobs (e.g. transportation, health care and 9-1-1 operators).