• CONSISTENCY in organization communications
  • INSPIRES members, employees and participants
  • DEMONSTRATES organization commitment to safety, communication and streamlined planning
  • MORE IMPACTFUL than a third-party label
  • PROMOTES organization safety agenda and integrates with other important organizational programs

Custom, Private Branding Makes Both
The Message And The Organization Stronger


Digital Branding

ORGANIZATIONAL BRANDING of programs or tools that promote important benefits to employees, members, participants, customers and attendees not only adds recognition and weight to the program and the message, but it allows the organization to benefit from its support of that agenda. Autumn Alert™ accommodates this valuable benefit by permitting organizations to customize this essential tool with their private brand and specific requirements. Whether you’re a school, healthcare provider, business, government agency, religious organization, or simply a club or membership association, you can benefit from the private branding of this important safety and organizational tool.


WHETHER HOME OR AWAY AWAY Autumn AlertTM that can benefit from utilizing a privately branded Autumn Alert™ include: protecting students and staff from violence in school; accounting for groups traveling on trains, planes or busses to large events, stadiums or overnight accommodations; scheduling in-home healthcare; organizing business activities like trade shows, conferences, sales meetings and managing telecommuting; providing membership validation for activities with clubs, business groups and social activities; providing access to your customers, employees, vendors, partners and guests; and more.

To learn more about our Autumn Alert custom brand program, please contact us at BRAND at AUTUMNALERT dot COM.