ID Tags

  • UNIQUELY NUMBERED identification recovery system for property and people
  • ASSISTS POLICE in recovering missing persons or stolen property
  • TEMPORARY, disposable bracelets identify lost children, seniors, and members of groups (e.g. schools, tours and families events)
  • PROVIDES PROOF of personal property ownership through our registration system
  • EFFECTIVE for group management and control
  • SECURE ALTERNATIVE to using personal contact information that could be misused.

How it Works

KEEP CHILDREN SAFE ON TRIPS OR AT CROWDED EVENTS Autumn AlertTM users can register their child or special needs adult with a unique Autumn AlertTM issued ID number available on a wrist band or secured tag. If that person gets separated from the group, persons or authorities finding them simply enter that ID number, along with instructions to connect, into the input fields on the website. Autumn AlertTM will immediately send an alert notification to the registered user with the posted recovery instructions. Personal information, such as scars, tattoos, local hang-outs, friends, confidants, critical medication, disease, etc., can also be registered on the Autumn AlertTM website. This can help first responders find and identify the lost person and provide necessary medical assistance. In emergencies, users can pre-authorize police to access personal information.


SECURE YOUR STUFF Personal and business property can also benefit from the Autumn AlertTM ID Recovery System. Property information, photos and owner’s location can also be optionally registered on site. Finders of lost or stolen property can visit and enter the unique identification number on the ID tag along with their contact information for recovery. Autumn AlertTM immediately forwards this information to the registered owner.

GROUP MANAGEMENT & CONTROL For example, managing and controlling busloads of people or truckloads of items is made easy by creating QR code identification and location tags and using the QR code reader supplied as part of the Autumn AlertTM App to identify each person/item and assure that they/it is in their proper location (e.g. bus/truck). The tag can also have the ID number and Autumn AlertTM website if the person/item becomes missing during the outing or trip.

YOUR PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION IS PROTECTED With the Autumn AlertTM ID Recovery System it is unnecessary to list your personal contact information on the ID tag. Communication from the Finder is initially done directly to Autumn AlertTM. Therefore, your personal contact information is protected from those who would misuse it.