• PROTECT trade secrets from carrier hacks and data breech from lost phones and computers
  • COORDINATE employees, vendors, and customers at conventions, trade shows, and corporate gatherings
  • ASSIST corporate security and first responders with assuring the safety of employees and onsite visitors
  • MONITOR shipments, delivery staff, and company vehicles
  • TRACK & DOCUMENT traveling sales teams

Increase Business Productivity

ESTABLISH DETAILED COORDINATION OF INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP BUSINESS ACTIVITIES for employees, visitors, and customers involved in one or more business activities between multiple offices, including off-site locations. Outdoor events such as concerts and indoor events like trade shows present coordination challenges for large groups of people that are highly dispersed. Autumn AlertTM’s Command Console (AC2™) provides an easy-to-use snapshot of the location of all participants. AC2™ not only enables targeted and mass notifications, but also allows all message recipients to provide instantaneous feedback.

HIGHLY SECURE COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE supports critical support features including corporate calendars, location tracking, online directories, human resources support and much more, which prevents corporate espionage and intentional data destruction by disgruntled staff.

COORDINATE CRITICAL EMPLOYEE, CUSTOMER, VENDOR, AND PARTNER SCHEDULES. With AC2™, tasks and events can not only be pre-scheduled and distributed, but instantly altered and re-circulated in the event of last-minute or unexpected changes.