Safe Havens

  • UTILIZES crowd-sourced ratings of public places
  • USEFUL for planning travel stops
  • PROVIDES identity of safe areas for recreation, shopping, living, and working
  • ALGORITHMS based on reported crimes, demographics, and social networks

Know your Safe Zones

AUTUMN ALERTTM PROVIDES insight to the potential safety of public areas by assigning a Safe Haven Index™ (SHI) representing aggregated data from crowd-sourcing, user demographics, and social networks. Areas identified as Safe Havens generally have lower crime, are socially active, offer franchised or well-recognized businesses, and are frequently patrolled by law enforcement staff.

KNOWING THE SHI of locations can be helpful in identifying the safety of travel routes, shopping centers, parking lots, business districts, apartment buildings, and neighborhoods. Visual inspection, satellite images, and street views of public areas and local surroundings are insufficient for evaluating if an area is safe, age-appropriate, or culturally matched.

AUTUMN ALERTTM ESTABLISHES individual indices without the need to collect or store personal information. Use Safe Havens before traveling to new locations, in understanding the safety of current surroundings and checking routing when taking shortcuts or alternative back roads presented by various mapping apps and programs.