Health Care

  • ASSURE that patients receiving in-home care are safe through monitoring, medication reminders and emergency alerts
  • MAINTAIN schedules for all in-home caregivers
  • ONLINE medical records (controlled by user/caregiver) can be available for medical providers and First Responders
  • FREEDOM record video and pictures during emergencies and uploads to cloud to inform police and family
  • PROVIDE to travel, knowing that assistance is available with just the simple touch of your cell phone.

For your in-home patient or loved one
Autumn AlertTM is there when you can’t be.


Peace of Mind

FEEL SECURE IN KNOWING that with the Autumn AlertTM App your in-home care patient or loved one is being reminded everyday to take their medications and do their physical therapy at the prescribed times. They are alerted each day as to when the next healthcare provider is scheduled to arrive, and when they are being picked up for a doctor’s or lab appointment. They can even be automatically reminded of important family, friend and religious events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, clergy meetings and other celebrations. And, they can reach you and/or 911 if they need assistance by tapping their Autumn AlertTM, one-touch HELP button on their cell phone.

WHETHER HOME OR AWAY AWAY Autumn AlertTM keeps your healthcare assisted patient or loved one safe and secure. The safety and healthcare management features provide the same important support away from home as they do at home. Whether it’s medication management, schedule organization or one-touch call for assistance, these features allow the peace of mind and sense of independence necessary for healthcare assisted patients to travel away from home. And, in the event that medical assistance is required, medical records can be a tap away with the Autumn AlertTM App.