Family & Friends

  • SEND OR RECEIVE immediate alerts requesting assistance for high-risk and potentially life-threatening personal issues
  • RECEIVE precise GPS location of the person seeking assistance
  • IDENTIFY safe haven locations to assure safe travel
  • UTILIZE group communication to coordinate social gatherings, weddings, parties, graduations, sports teams, and other large gatherings
  • CHOOSE from secure text, data, and/or voice communication that don’t compromise your personal contact information

Keep Family, Friends and Children Safe & Close

KEEPING LOVED ONES SAFE from dangerous situations at all times can be a difficult to impossible challenge.

1ST STEP When a loved one or friend is missing or in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death, the 1st step is to notify law enforcement agencies. If the person is a child, the authorities may issue an Amber AlertTM. If the person is an adult with special needs (i.e., Alzheimer's disease) a Silver Alert may be issued.

2nd STEP If that person is equipped with an Autumn AlertTM App on their phone, using the one-touch feature of the app, they can immediately send a single or group alert that they need assistance. In addition to that notification, which provides police with proof of their need for help, those alerted will also be notified of their GPS location to assist police in quickly locating and recovering them. If the vehicle is moving, those registered users receiving the alert can receive periodic location updates or access to a real-time, map through the Autumn AlertTM portal to continually track the phone of the person needing assistance.

IN THE CASE OF A MISSING PERSON, where authorities will delay action for 24 hours or more in order to confirm the missing status, Autumn AlertTM App users can immediately send automated group texts, emails and/or voice messages to a pre-entered list of friends, neighbors, family members and associates who can be put on the alert or be actively involved in the effort to recover the missing person. All message recipients can collaborate their responses from their individual cell phones and provide overall recovery management using the Autumn AlertTM portal in a secure and private communications environment.


FOR ANY REQUIRED OR UNAVOIDABLE DELAY IN POLICE RESPONSE, or when faced with a crises that is not within the jurisdiction of local police, Autumn AlertTM can provide instant response in the interim. Family members can also utilize Autumn AlertTM when a family member or friend is confronted with personal, private business, or work conflicts such as chemical dependency, anger management, bullying, theft, abusive relationships, teenage runaway, disloyal partner, property damage, or other issues.

AUTUMN ALERTTM IS A PRIVATE AND SECURE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM. Mobile phones, carriers, computers, internet providers, and social media services retain records of phone calls, emails, text messages, posts, and chats for several years. Autumn AlertTM communications between any number of group members, 911 or First Responders are done with the strictest privacy and are not available to the above-mentioned carriers. Your contact information is never available or disclosed to third parties without your permission, except where ordered by law. Optional controls are provided to allow users to determine when and to whom personal information, such as phone number, name, and location are disclosed.