Autumn AlertTM: Always there. Always aware.®

Autumn AlertTM is an innovative system built upon patented technologies originally designed for military and Homeland Security applications. The result is a comprehensive solution that helps manage, monitor, protect, respond and communicate with individuals, groups, organizations, and remote equipment during emergencies and daily activities. Autumn AlertTM adapts to the requirements of individuals, corporations, military services, law enforcement, government agencies, schools, and health care institutions. Any Time. Any Place. Any Device.

SUPPORT OPERATIONS on a variety of devices using Autumn Alert’s Visability™ cloud portal, mobile devices, optional remote telemetry devices, or any combination. Users are provided access to the Autumn AlertTM First Responder Network™

PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS Whether using a mobile device or computer, Autumn AlertTM avoids transmitting or receiving data to or from privacy compromised cellular, internet, satellite, or cable providers.


Internet of Things (IoT) system

AFFORDABLE SOLUTION Autumn AlertTM offers an affordable solution for people and equipment whether at home, work, school, or public places. Autumn AlertTM is a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) system that fully integrates automated processes, communications, computers, machines, mobile devices, and people.

  • HIGHLY SECURE: Permits voice and data two-way communications, text messages, and remote control of devices without disclosing sender or receiver PRIVACY PROTECTION for information like location, address book, pictures, messages, information, and data
  • CUSTOMIZED, ONE-TOUCH EMERGENCY BUTTON simultaneously notifies selected contacts, takes pictures, and calls a user, pre-selected emergency number (e.g., 9-1-1, 1-1-2, 1-6-6-9)
  • EXPANDED NOTIFICATIONS can also be sent to a pre-selected list of recipients
  • AUTOMATICALLY CONTROL remotely located security devices, equipment, machinery, vehicles, computers, electronics, electrical systems, and mechanical devices