Remote Wireless Sensors

  • MANAGE vehicle usage and travel routes
  • CONTROL any remote equipment, appliances, computers, security devices
  • MONITOR, TRACK, AND MANAGE wearable devices on humans and animals
  • NO MODIFICATIONS to existing systems required
  • NO PRE-EXISTING Wi-Fi, cellular, or satellite connections required

Control your Edge

AUTUMN ALERTTM REMSENSE™ is an optional remote sensing and reporting system that is fully integrated with Autumn Alert TMmobile apps and the VISability™ cloud. RemSense™ consists of compact, battery-powered sensors that send information to the Autumn AlertTM base station which communicates with the internet via cellular, Wi-Fi, or satellite. The remote sensors can be either passive or active for indoor or outdoor use.

PASSIVE SENSORS can monitor environmental conditions and information obtained from mobile or fixed machines, computers, and electrical or electronic devices. Typical passive sensor use includes, but are not limited to: building security; lighting; fire; weather: unusual noises such as explosions and gunshots; equipment operational status (such as health care equipment); and information on various equipment such as maintenance and tracking of vehicles used for work, school, or personal transportation.

ACTIVE SENSORS are passive sensors that can also send signals to trigger another device or system. For example, if fire is detected, an active sensor can automatically turn on water sprinklers. If a gunshot is detected, the sensors could “lock down” various doors. Active sensors can also be controlled directly through the mobile app or VISability™ cloud.