Public Safety

  • IMPROVE crowd control in parks, stadiums, malls
  • IDENTIFY AND LOCATE individuals within crowds that need help
  • PROVIDE public broadcast messages
  • OFFERS electronic passports for identification
  • WEARABLE electronic devices are not required

Public Safety System Solution

THE MARKET IS FLOODED WITH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES that address sending notifications during emergencies. However, Autumn Alert Public Safety SystemTM (PSS) is a comprehensive system designed to help prevent emergencies, and when necessary, to respond and support recovery. PSSTM provides Awareness, Prevention, Protection, Communication, Response, & Recovery (APPCRRTM) guidelines and decision support for individuals and groups as well as assisting response and recovery teams.

PSSTM PROVIDES AN EASY-TO-USE, AFFORDABLE SOLUTION for helping families and group leaders identify, monitor and connect with any number of individuals for any reason. PSSTM provides individualized electronic passports for validating identities and authorizing access to various services, facilities, and events such as public transportation, sporting games, concerts, theme parks, conferences, trade shows, and school trips.

CONCERN FOR PUBLIC SAFETY We live in a time when people are increasingly concerned with their safety in public spaces, schools, and workplaces. Terrorism and criminal actions result in parents, the public, and employers either avoiding public venues whenever possible or seeking methods for increasing their protection. GPS, radio, or other electronic type of wristbands are costly, cumbersome to wear, require periodic charging and are impractical for most applications. Autumn AlertTM is a simple download to your smart phone.